• The new evolution in residential downspouts and water drainage

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Never let a downspout get in the way again! A revolutionary “Patent Pending” design. Make landscaping, lawn work and contracting projects around your home efficient and easy!

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Ideal for Trades, Wholesalers and Retail

TurnSpout Rotates 360° and Lifts/Lowers 25° to get out of YOUR way

Making contracting, lawn and garden work easy! 

An innovation in downspouts, TurnSpout has an adjustable, lockable elbow joint that turns or moves easily and can be moved out of the way, avoiding damage to downspouts or equipment.

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With 9 colours to choose from (Black, Cashmere, Chestnut, Grey, Pebble, Slate, Tan, White or Wicker), TurnSpout works with your home decor and existing downspout designs.

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Revolutionizing outdoor home maintenance

Finally, an integrated downspout connector that actually improves your workflow. Maximizing outdoor property work efficiency while preventing damage to your equipment and drainage systems.

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