TurnSpout Easy Installation

We have designed TurnSpout to be installed once to remain in place for good, no matter what activities are going on in and around your property.

Easy Install Directions:

Step 1 - Unscrew and remove your existing lower curved downspout
Step 2 - Slide TurnSpout “over” bottom of upper downspout opening. 
Make sure TurnSpout is evenly positioned for a secure fit!
Step 3 - Now grab your drill!
Drill 4 (max) 1/8 inch holes into the 4 holes on the TurnSpout(where?) and fasten with 4 self tapping screws
Step 4 - Next slide your existing lower curved downspout “over” bottom opening of TurnSpout.
Again make sure all sides are even for a secure fit.
Step 5 - Grab your drill again and this time drill 4 (max) 1/8 inch holes into the previously drilled holes in the lower downspout and  fasten with 4 screws.
Step 6 - That’s it! Your TurnSpout is now fully attached and ready for use.

Now simply Turn, Lift or Lower the lower downspout and to keep in any desired position, simply tighten screw at back, as needed to stay in any position. CAUTION - NOT TO OVER TIGHTEN - SELF TIGHTENING SCREW. Swivel, lift or lower the lower downspout around to desired position.